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Inner-Healing ministry sessions


Sozo is an inner-healing session that gets to the root of those things hindering your personal connection with God.  During this session,  we help participants receive healing from spiritual and emotional wounds and uncover lies that keep them from living out the truth of who they are in Christ. 

These sessions last 1.5 hours and cost $100.
Contact us at or call us at: 412-701-1ELP


Restoring The Foundations

Issue-Focused Ministry

Our Issue-Focused ministry format focuses primarily on the major issue that is troubling you or causing you shame, fear, anger, pain or confusion. Together we discover how the four problem areas, (Sins of the Fathers and Resulting Curses, Ungodly Beliefs, Soul/Spirit hurts and Demonic Oppression), work together to keep the issue ingrained in our lives. We will apply foundational truths to each area as we listen to God for healing in each area. 

This ministry session lasts 3.5 and costs $300.00.
Contact us at  call us at: 412-701-1ELP

These sessions are facilitated by Licensed Psychotherapist Amy Volstad and Pastor Denise Graves. All of our sessions are friendly, gentle and confidential as we partner with God to bring hope and healing.

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